How to Keep Women Interested

an electric car made by TESLAHave you ever met a woman you really liked only to get discouraged in the middle just because you think she’s just not that into you, even though you have a badass car? If this happened to you once or many times, perhaps you have a problem when it comes to keeping a woman’s attention. Don’t fret, bro. The key to get it back is to make her curious. Women like intrigue and mystery. If she can read you easily, the chase is over. The challenge is finished.

So how do you keep a woman’s attention? Simple. Make yourself interesting. If you think of yourself as dull or boring, then the game is already lost. But if you know how to present yourself well in front of the ladies, then you might have a better chance than the others. Dress to impress, make small talk memorable and show her that you’re worth her time. When you’ve got her attention, make sure that you say and do things that are worth keeping it. If you offend or bore her to death, then there’s surely some work to do.  Sometimes women like men who are not afraid to be funny or smart. So speak your mind. She might like what she hears from you.

Another trick is to be interested in what she’s saying. Of course, you must have noticed her because she’s interesting. However, the look of interest isn’t always visible in men’s faces. Assure her that you’re listening to her and that you’re hanging on to every word she says. It takes two to tango. If she shows interest then you must reciprocate. The dating game is about making a connection and if you really think that she’s a beautiful, smart and nice woman, then make sure you communicate it well. Ladies also like to see signs that they’re doing well in dating. Compliment her. Tell her that she’s great at what she does. These things won’t definitely hurt your chances.

Here’s another thought: Are you interested in what you do? If the answer is yes, good for you. But if you don’t see how you could be interesting, maybe it’s time to build yourself up to become a man you would like to hang out with. Work hard to be someone women would like to date. Do things that you would be proud of and you can talk about with someone new. Be interesting and grab their attention. My dating guru is a guy named Jason Capital, and one of the things he always talks about is staying on your path, and actually DOMINATING your path in life, and I think this is crucially important for attracting women. Here’s Deepak on the subject…