Career Advancement Tips For Men

Post-recession, the job market is bouncing up and there are many good positions up for grabs. But these days, it’s not enough to pat yourself on the back for scoring a job many other men covet. It’s also important for you to learn how to advance in your career, how to keep growing, and how to make yourself a cut above the rest.

And of course you want to make sure that you aren’t sexually harassing your co-workers (male or female) by trying to look up their skirts, patting their asses, etc…

In a competitive job market, almost everyone will start out having similar qualifications. Your competitors may have graduated from the same course or college as you did, or somewhere similar. You both may have had the same internship experience, the same curricular and extra-curricular accomplishments to brag about. In the end, you both may get hired for the same position. But start early on with working to advance your career, and promotion may happen within the year, or even shorter.

There is no shortcut to working hard. Make yourself visible and heard; make sure you’re on the radar and your boss can easily see the accomplishments you’ve done, so you can be more on top of his mind when he considers promotion. Do be careful about treading the line between unnecessary bragging and showing off your accomplishments. You can do so with civility and humility.

Be aware of your teammates, and strive to work well with them. No one likes an office jerk, and no one wants to be with a competitive officemate who only wants to get ahead of everyone else. Bring them on your side and you’ll have a smoother time at the office.

Many hot careers in the market these days need good teammate interaction, regardless of the competitive nature of jobs like financial and market analysts, software developers, physicians, auditors, and accountants. While these are highly individual jobs, you would do well to know how to communicate and collaborate with the rest of the team.

Remember that in this modern era, collaboration is key to great ideas and flawless execution — which is the formula for success for any business.

Finally, when it comes to making a good impression, don’t forget that personal looks and style also matter — and it’s not just a female thing. Many respond nicely to a well-groomed and smartly-dressed man. Dress simply but elegantly, stick to patterns and styles that make you look polished and groomed. Go light on the accessories — you won’t need much — just a few carefully chosen items, like a good watch and of course, well polished shoes.

Work hard, look smart, play nice: the key things you need to remember as you pursue the career of your dreams.